I admire: {Amber Dusick}

Amber Dusick is the creator of one of my favorite websites: Parenting Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. And I admire her.
Specifically, I admire her sense of humor and the (apparent ease) with which she is able to communicate that humor through her writing and illustrations. Her posts usually have me laughing out loud.

I like to think of myself as a funny person, but I think it’s time that I face reality. I’m not; at least not really.

This winter, while staying at my parents house for the holidays, my brother (who lives about 20 miles away) texted one morning. to see if there was anything he could bring out to their house that afternoon. I suggested that he stop by Whole Foods and pick up a couple of slices of pizza because the day before we had ordered a couple of slices from the counter and, as they were warming up in the brick oven, we did the math and realized that we were about to drop $14 on two slices of pizza when we could get a whole pie at the local pizza place for $20. We sneaked away from the  counter while everyone’s backs were turned and anxiously waited in the check-out line for some to come bust us; my brother checking over his shoulder every couple minutes remarking that we had just ruined his ability to ever show his face at the pizza counter again. Anyway (thinking myself so clever as to suggest that he go back there [hahahaha!]) I laughed as I texted him my pizza order and Tim, who was also standing in the kitchen, asked what was so funny. When I recounted the story for him he just looked at me with a blank face. “Good story,” he said dryly. (See, not funny.)

But Amber, now she’s funny. Take, for example, this post where she documents her attempts to make the perfect birthday cake for her kids (been there done that), or this one where she writes about the things that her kids are NOT allowed to do, or this one where she describes what she carries in her gigantic diaper bag for an hours outing (as a mom with a gigantic diaper bag myself I find this part of the post hilarious), or this one where she describes the unstoppable force that is the Target®  bullseye.

And yet maybe all this is proof that I don’t have a sense of humor – or that my sense of humor is so refined that only a mother gets it – because every time I read these posts to my husband I only get a sympathy laugh; he just kind of snorts and moves on.

So, I admire you Amber for your sense of humor, and, judging by your own self-described “crappy pictures”, you are – artictically speaking- a woman after my own heart.

{photo credit: crappy pictures}

5 thoughts on “I admire: {Amber Dusick}

  1. Now why didn’t you TELL me you wrote such a lovely post way back in February? Just seeing it now from googling my name. What? Doesn’t everyone do that? Apparently, I don’t do it enough. Thanks for all the kind words.


    1. Well, how to you tell someone how much you appreciate them without seeming all creepy and stalkerish? I’m glad you found it though…because it’s nice to see the truth in black and white!


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