Things I love: saving money

My parents got Eleanor this super cool bug poster for her birthday (she calls herself a grasshopper; Oliver is a ladybug, I’m a dragonfly, and Tim is a bat). It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been charged with getting it mounted or framed for the big reveal. But I haven’t done any pricing for this project because although I really want to have it framed, I also want to save my parents money.
Well, I happened to be thinking about her birthday party a lot today – Are we going to have one? Will it/should it be themed? Where will we have it, and should we invite her whole class? – and was thinking I might make animal candle holders, so I went to Michael’s website to check their store hours (they carry those tubes of plastic animals with the unfortunate name “animal toobs”).

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I saw this on their homepage:

(Guess where I’m going tomorrow morning?!)

Have anything you need to frame? click to print your own 60% off coupon.

You’re welcome.

6 thoughts on “Things I love: saving money

  1. I too find the “toobs” name annoying. When I was in 8th grade I remember getting out of a spelling bee on the word “ketchup.” They wanted me to spell it “catsup.” I have never forgotten this (obviously) and get irritated every time I see something intentionally misspelled.
    I was just thinking the other day that I need to find some way to address this with my daughter. I am not into big rewards but I am actually considering giving her money when she finds an “advertising” misspelling. Maybe 10 cents for knowing it is incorrect and 25 if she can spell it correctly. Of course I could just do the Montessori thing and believe that she will do it for the pure joy – which may very well happen. She isn’t even 2 1/2 so I have a little tim to figure it out :).
    Sometimes you can find good prices on the “toobs” at Amazon. Large Joanns have them as well – might be a deal if you get one of their many coupons.
    How old will Eleanor be?


    1. Catsup, really? I hate that spelling, so I, like you, would have been outraged. And I love the idea of (lovingly) bribing our children to find these misspellings. Great idea, indeed.
      Thanks for the tip on Toobs. I’ll check out Amazon. I actually have my eyes on Schleich animals (—castle.html) although they are more expensive they are really nice.
      Eleanor will be 3. Such a fun (if challenging, aka independent) age!


  2. *laugh.* Misspellings annoy me, Montessori Mom, but reassure your 8th-grade self — “catsup” isn’t a misspelling but a real alternate usage like jewelry/jewellery or center/centre. (So is “catchup”, though that one’s almost died out.)
    As far as the original post … I wish there were a Michael’s near me, I have several things I’d like framed, and that’s a great deal on it. Ahh well. One day!


  3. While on the topic of spelling bees . . . I lost EVERY ONE of them to Rita Hoffman when I was in grade school. I don’t harbor any feelings about that . . . really . . . just remember it like it was yesterday at about year 4!!
    As for “toobs”–what are they really trying to communicate?
    (BTW–just added 7+4 incorrectly to make this post. Must be the end of a LONG week! Time for a break . . .)


    1. I don’t know…but like so many other things they are just perpetuating bad spelling in our society. Like all those Chic-fil-A commercials (hell, Chic-fil-A itself!) with the cow spelling chicken wrong. Why not just have a smart cow that knows how to spell things? Do we feel more empathy for a cow that doesn’t know how to spell? And ‘toobs’- well that’s just close enough to boobs that I think they are trying to appeal to our baser instincts.
      And I get the addition wrong on these things often, so you’re not alone!


  4. Cairsten, I was referring to “ketchup” being the misspelling. The only time I had ever seen this word it was misspelled.
    Kiya, yes, Schleich are the best. We have collected quite a few. Starting a school is a good excuse to buy things that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford for Dakota :). I found some really good deals on ebay. I watch for “lots” of used ones. I also use “Fat Fingers.” It is a site that looks for misspellings on ebay. Schleich is a really good one for misspellings :). I have gotten quite a few great deals through Fat Fingers. – Some people can’t spell Stride Rite correctly!
    Is there a way that I can get an email notification when you or someone else has commented after me? I can’t seem to figure it out.
    🙂 Shawn


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