Apparently chalkboard paint is all the rage, at least among in circles, and ideas for using it have been featured in dozens of design blogs, websites, and magazines. And people are not just hiding it away in their kids’ rooms, either. Some sites suggest using it as a bold statement in the entry way or an easy way to remember what needs to go on the shopping list.
Tim and I had been talking about painting a chalkboard wall [LINK TO AN EXAMPLE] for a while, and last weekend we finally made it happen (well, to be fair Tim finally made it happen). One small wall between the front entrance and the kitchen was transformed with just three coats.

When it first went up I think we were a little worried that we might regret the decision, but, and let me be clear WE DO NOT. On the contrary, we (well at least I) love it (okay really, really like it). I (really, really) like how it ties the wallpaper we have coming down the stairs to the dark (we used to think out of place) kitchen counter tops. I (really, really) like how one of the kitchen spotlights shines on it at night and in the wee hours of the morning when we’re up with Eleanor before the sun, and I (really, really) like how well it entertains Eleanor when I’m cooking. (Did I say really really there?)

Prep and in progress:

In the light of day (Eleanor drew the image on the far right: “it’s a mastadon,” she stated):

And in the wee hours of the morning (that’s an apple tree):


(even cleaning is fun.)

After the fact I stumbled upon this link (apparently you can make chalkboard paint in ANY color). I don’t think I would have opted for something other than black in our current house, but I have certainly filed this link away for future reference. (Leave it to Martha to come up with a custom chalkboard wall calendar.)

8 thoughts on “chalkboards

    1. And white board paint! We debated the white board paint but in the end thought that we’d rather have kids writing on “other” walls with chalk rather than dry erase markers. but I love the magnetic paint idea…


  1. Such cool stuff you can do now days. You can reserve the top part of the wall for me to do some art work, just have stool around form me to use. Nice job!


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