365 Days of Breakfast: 3 Month Recap

In case there was an office pool, it was 89 days. 89 Days before I missed a day posting our breakfast pics. And it wasn’t because my Illinois counterpart didn’t get a photo to me, because she did. It was all me.

Most of the time when I talk about the passage of time, I have this simultaneous sensation that time is speeding by while also taking a really {really} long time. But not with this project. With this project I can’t believe that it’s only been three months: it feels like a lot longer. With that said, I’m not getting free samples of any breakfast cereal in the mail yet, so maybe I haven’t been doing this long enough (hint, hint Cascadian Farms, Barabara’s, Mom’s Best, Kashi, Quaker Oats, Nature’s Path, Noosa, Chobani….).

Some observations over the last month:

  • There was a fair bit of traveling last month. I don’t know about the IL crew, but when I’m not at home it’s really hard for me to remember to take photos. Take Day 80, for example: this was a complete afterthought. “Oh right, breakfast!”
  • I’ve been pretty happy with my ability in initiate and stick to our “not having the same breakfast two days in a row” rule (I use rule loosely). The kids have been willing participants and although they’ve not utter the phrase “Mom! I can’t have oatmeal again today because I had that yesterday,” they have only asked for the same thing a couple times this month, which I consider improvement. (It was not uncommon for “cereal” to be their answer many days in a row before.)
  • Illness sucks. We each dealt with stomach bugs this past month and I hope that is a first and last for all of us!
  • Eating happens in the same place everyday for us. I’ve not put a lot of thought into what this means for the habits we’re creating – I think having a place to eat is better than roaming the house with food in hand in terms of a habit – but I think it would be really nice to occasionally eat outside. Or on the kitchen floor (on plates and with silverware, of course). Something to mix it up a bit. Although, to be fair it has been the coldest winter on the books around here so maybe once the weather (finally) warms up we can take breakfast outside.

As we embark on Month 4 of this little experiment tell me: are you tired of seeing what breakfast is like in our house yet? Is anyone interested in sharing their experience with us? {Please?!}


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