family dinner

While sitting around the table as a family, bowls of steaming spaghetti in front of us, the warm breeze coming in the open windows, the following occurred:

Eleanor {slapping her forehead with her hand}: “damn it!”

Oliver {laughing hysterically}: “Damn it!” (as he also slaps his forehead with his hand.) “Damn it! Damn it!”

Eleanor: “This is what Simon says at school “Damn it! (slapping her forehead again). “Mom. Watch this. This is what Simon does at school ‘Damn it!'”. 

Oliver {again, laughing hysterically}: “Damn it! Damn it!”

Me {trying to down play the situation so they don’t catch on this this is a word that they shouldn’t say, thus making them want to say it even more}: “Why don’t you come up with your own word to say? Like (slapping my forehead) ‘Eyeball!'”

Oliver {laughing a little bit}: “Eyeball! Damn it! Damn it!”

Suddenly Alice, sitting directly across the table from Oliver, squealed with delight and imitated his hand-shaking forehead slapping, grinning from ear to ear. 

We felt a little like we were in a Vince Vaughn movie. In a good way, of course.


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