Month 2 recap: #365daysofbreakfast

There are days it feels like we’ve already finished a year of this project, but it’s only Month 2. In my last recap I said I was going to try to include more vegetables in our morning meal. Looking at these pictures you’d think I didn’t even make an attempt. Of course that’s not true. I distinctly recall two mornings of a salad made with cucumbers, celery, and chick peas. And if you allow me to call avocado a vegetable, I’ve hit that mark a lot more often. At least for me. But I will continue my efforts.  

But with another month completed I have a few new observations: 

1. First and foremost, has anyone else noticed how many cute shirts Laura’s kids have? I mean, really cute shirts. Check it out.  

2. I have noticed that there are many mornings when I am nothing short of a short-order cook in the morning. Inevitably, the kids come downstairs wanting different things for breakfast – Eleanor wants cereal, often two different kinds mixed together, and Oliver wants scrambled eggs with toast and a fruit salad – and they are inflexible in their demands. A few times this month I tested the waters of NOT being a short-order cook by having something at the ready when they woke up. Do you know what happened? They both ate it. No complaints. I think I’ll have to try this strategy more often.  

3. Although they often want different things from one another, they often want the same thing they had the day before. And the day before that. “Cereal yesterday, cereal today, cereal tomorrow, thanks mom.” I want to make more of an effort to diversify their breakfasts. I’m not sure why I hold so tightly to this belief, but we don’t have the same thing for dinner every night so why is it okay to have the same breakfast? I think I will institute a new breakfast guideline, or at least introduce it for discussion: we will not eat the same breakfast two days in a row. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

4. Our husbands are conspicuously absent from our morning photos. For the most part, at least in my house, this is because I’m trying to respect his privacy and he’s usually having his breakfast in his bathrobe. (So posting pics of him wouldn’t really be appreciated.) The other main reason, however, is that he rarely veers from morning routine: starting  with a cup of coffee, sweetened and whitened, followed by a smoothie made with greek yogurt, frozen fruit, a banana, and some juice. One of these days I’ll try to snap a picture of it. 

So, have you been doing anything different for your mornings? Want to share a tradition in your house, or a favorite breakfast food/meal? I’d love to hear from you!

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