I find myself at a bit of a crossroads; faced with a decision that feels monumental but which is, in the grand scheme of things, just a choice between a good option and another good option. (Given what some people are facing in their lives suggesting that this is a difficult place to be is preposterous. And selfish.)

But I am the kind of person who likes to have all the information before I make a decision, and in moments like this – for decisions like this – you can’t (have all the information, I mean). Because much of it is unknowable, for the time being anyway. So I find myself continuing to collect information and yet am still unsatisfied. Not uncertain, because when I’m being honest with myself, I made the decision a long time ago, but unsatisfied that I’m making a decision without all the pertinent information.

So, I’d like to know: when you’re faced with a decision between two good options, how do you decided? Do you make lists? Charts? Have long conversations or long meditations? Or do you just throw a dart or flip a coin and let destiny decide for you?

One thought on “crossroads

  1. I try on the different decisions in my head. One will undoubtedly make me feel sick to my stomach and bring tears to my eyes at the thought of not getting to do the other choice, which I know is the right one. It often has nothing to do with the advantages or disadvantages of either choice. It’s on a gut, soul, spiritual path, universe level. On that level, the answer is always crystal clear. But it sounds like you already know that. 🙂


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