We’re live! (With food.)

It’s official: Our Regularly Scheduled Program has a new home and a new look. After much fretting, many mistakes, and sleepless nights, I finally reached out to someone who knows what she’s doing. My dear friend Amy saved my ass; and helped me transition to what you see now. I’ll wait for the applause (for Amy, I mean).

Like I said, I love this new look and hope that you do too. Amy worked tirelessly to ensure that the transition went seamlessly – unlike when I tried to make it happen – and that your subscriptions were not interrupted. Please let me know if issues arise.

And in case you missed it, which you probably did because it’s on what is essentially a new blog, I have finally launched my new project: 365 Days of Breakfast. You can read all about it at the link above, but I’ll include my intro post here since I had…er, created…this website snafu.  I’m very excited for this new project and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

365 Days of Breakfast

I’ve alluded to this before but am going to say it much more clearly right now: When you have your own blog you get to decide what, when, and how the world sees you. You get to stage the photos, photoshop out the blemishes, and conveniently forget the fighting that proceeded said staged photographed events. Life, if you choose, can be pretty and neat. Always. Or never, if that’s your thing. And it makes sense that you, Ms. Blogger, would want to put your best face forward. Because you can. And because, as I said, it’s prettier and neater.

I have been writing a lot about feeding your kids lately – especially your infant kids – for Smart Eating for Kids. And it dawned on me that because I write about all these ideal situations someone might think that is an accurate representation of my life: that the fact that I write about ways to make sure your kids get a healthy and nutritious breakfast means that my kids are eating homemade muffins with freshly ground almond butter and a fruit salad every. day. Let me be very clear about one thing: they are not.

Most mornings breakfast is harried and messy. The kids want one thing, Tim wants another and, when I finally get around to eating myself, it’s often a protein bar that I manage to eat while driving everyone to school/work. We have books or animals eating with us many mornings and most days there are dishes all over the table when we leave the house. On the other hand, there are some days when we can take more time and cooking becomes a family affair. I like those days.

Here’s the thing. We are not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. My kids don’t eat a well rounded breakfast everyday, but they do eat breakfast. We are not dining to the sweet sounds of gentle music for breakfast everyday, but we are together. We do not invite the kids into the kitchen to cook everyday, but we do when ever we have the time. And I’m okay with this because I’m in it for the long haul: there are many, many breakfasts ahead of us.

I decided that I wanted to share all this with you. I want to show feeding my family to you – feeding them breakfast, specifically – in all it’s glory and banality: sugared cereal and coffee stains and all. I’ve enlisted the help of my partner-in-feeding, the editor-in-chief of Smart Eating for Kids. We are working moms with young kids who happen to know a lot about nutrition. But, like you, we are really just trying our best. The posts will be simple. An image and short caption/text describing what we ate, where we were, or why this breakfast was unusual. Or extremely usual, as the case may be. And if you are so moved to share your images, we’d love that too. 365 days is a lot of days.

We start tomorrow!

{I plan for posts to go live at 12:00 noon. In case you come for breakfast and wonder where we are.}


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