Hot tea. For my hotties.

Just before Christmas my dad sent me an email telling me that he had found a calendar perfect for someone like me. No, it was not a calendar that gave parents more sleep. No, not one that did your sit-ups and lunges for you. A calendar that highlighted the food and nutrition-related “holidays” each month. (And yes, there are food and nutrition-related “holidays” each month.)
Well, I guess they’re not so much holidays as they are celebrations. Take December: December is a month to celebrate the pear, with National Pear Month. It’s also National Fruit Cake Month and National Egg Nog month, in case you were wondering.

January, among other things that I won’t spoil for you now, is National Hot Tea Month. This has, oddly enough, recently become one of Oliver’s favorite things to say. And to drink. “Hot tea? Hot tea! Hot tea!”

He’s been having tea parties at school lately. It seems that he is more a fan of Black Cherry than Peppermint, but the combination of these two along with Green Tea Pomegranate is his favorite. So if you’re in the market for a new tea, you might give that a try.

Happy Hot Tea Month, hotties.



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