My mother in-law has always said that I should be sure to carry around a notepad when the kids start talking because “you will want to record everything they say; they will come up with the funniest things!” And well I don’t have a dedicated Moleskine, lucky for me I happen to be able to carry a computer in my pocket.
Today, Eleanor had a couple of real gems; things that only a 4.5 year old could come up with. And while I realize most parents have stories like this – the “you won’t believe what my son said at breakfast” kind of stories – and generally the punch line fails to land, I wanted a way to remember my own “you won’t believe” moment and (again) lucky for me I have a blog where I can do completely self-indulgent thinks like this.

Example 1: “I wish I had more parents.” (she said when Tim and I, both in the middle of something, said that she would need to wait before we could help her put pictures into a photo album. “Don’t we all,” I responded, “but the benefit of having only two parents is that you will learn patience, which is important. “Hmmm.” She thought about this a minute and replied: “I wish I had more parents.”)

Example 2: (while reading The Night Before Christmas (from the actual The Indian in the Cupboard book) to the students in her class) “It was the night before Christmas, but you have to keep your house really dirty for Santa because then he comes and cleans it up.”

I resisted the urge to tweet that last one with the hashtag #inmydreams or #IWISH because, well, imagine it…Santa comes to your house and when he leaves it’s clean! How awesome would that be?


5 thoughts on “noted

  1. We call ours “Owenisms”. I, too, keep them on my phone. Unfortunately, that phone has been lost for a week, with little hope of return (I think it’s lost on a plane flying around the country somewhere). My point here is to remind you to back up the data on your phone (which I hadn’t done in months) so you don’t lose these precious memories too.


  2. So . . . did it occur to her 4.5 year old brain exactly how much work she’d have to do trying to keep MORE parents in line with expectations? LOL Too funny. I think that’s a sign she is absorbing our USA culture just fine. “I want more . . . (fill in the blank) . . .” could be our national mantra! Looks like you’ve got another budding writer on your hands seeing her journal!


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