When people see me they ask how the kids are doing with the adjustment to having a new sister. “Really well,” is usually my answer, “almost too well. We have to stop the serious love they want to shower her with.”
And these statements are true: they do love her, they do want to shower her with kisses, and we do have to put a stop to it sometimes.

But it dawns on me that there is more to the story. Oliver, although he’s been a little under the weather lately, has also been a little more cranky than usual. Eleanor has had a difficult time falling asleep, telling us that she is scared of the dark and wants someone to stay with her all night. Last night she came into our room in the middle of the night asking to sleep in our bed. She wanted me – and only me – to sleep with her. When I told Tim what was going on he said “Of course she wants you. They [Eleanor and Oliver] see all the attention Alice is getting and want that too.” I suspected Tim was speaking from personal experience, but he didn’t say anything more. He was asleep before he could finish the sentence.

The laundry only gets folded because my mom is here, the dishes are cleaned and put away because my mom is here, and dinner gets on the table because Tim makes it (and because my mom is here, to play with Eleanor and Oliver).

And me? Well, I’m taking close to three hour naps most days of the week next to Alice. (Can I tell you how wonderful it is to sleep next to a sleeping infant?) Maybe it’s time I start picking up the slack.

_DC22490big brother.

_DC22496 _DC22498big sister.

_DC22514 _DC22512 _DC22510little sister.

2 thoughts on “adjustments

  1. The only advise I will give you without asking is on this. You need not worry about picking up the slack, you will do plenty of that. Let those of us who can and want to do it for now. Love you Mom


    1. Spoken like a true mother! Although, I hope you know that I am mostly speaking sarcastically (about needing to pick up the “slack”) and despite my long naps and Parks and Rec marathons I actually have little intention of picking up much of anything (until you’ve gone back home and I *have* to).


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