My third, and final, baby was born one week ago yesterday. She (yes she!) is amazing. Alice Margaret (Eleanor insists on using her full name) is 7 lbs 12 oz of pure joy. I know most parents – all parents – will say that about their kids, as well they should, but with Alice I mean it. Her sister and brother ask to see her every morning and shower her with kisses when they come home from school. (Oliver will walk around the house with two hands out, palms up, in the “where did she go” position making an “uh oh” type sound until he finds her at which time he points emphatically and smiles from under his pacifier.) She has the sweetest sleep smile (I know it’s just a twitch) and naps with her mouth open most of the time. Since our first night together in the hospital, when she slept for 5 hour blocks of time, she’s not slept for less than 3 hours at any one time and when she does wake to nurse she does not cry. I’m not kidding. Dare I say out loud that I think we finally (touch wood, fingers crossed) have ourselves a sleeper? Yesterday I gave her her first bath… and she actually seemed to enjoy it. If memory serves, Eleanor and Oliver were crying before I even had their onesie unzipped. She’s a natural at nursing, has long fingers and toes, and a full head of dark hair. (If it weren’t for that last part – the dark hair – and the fact that she never left out sight in the hospital, I might think she wasn’t our child. To quote a friend “we do not breed sleepers”.)
I do not mean to suggest that my first two babies were not pure joy, because they most certainly were. I’m just able to appreciate Alice – the newborn – in a way that I couldn’t before. It’s funny, just as we decide that we’re done with kids, I feel like I’m getting the swing of things. (Of course, I know this will change. She will start to teethe and get sick and fall down and skin her kNees and throw tantrums and experience her first heartache over a boy (or girl). But don’t spoil the honeymoon, eh?)


Some things that I am not so overjoyed about: the area from just above the cesarean scar south is swollen and looks like a pitchers mound, the adhesive on the material used to create a sterile barrier between my abdomen and the OR is so strong that I still have it encircling my scar and it’s now collected lint and little pieces of fabric, and, although you might not know it from this picture, for me it’s as Ann as a nose on plain’s face: my feet and ankles are swollen.


There are so many aspects of having three children that I’m slightly terrified about, like managing three children, but I am so excited to embark on this adventure with Tim. We are going to rock this parenting three kids thing. Rock. It.

{Some recent images from our days as five}

_DC22177just hours old.

_DC22183 _DC22218big brother and sister come for their first visit…

_DC22251 _DC22222

and love who they meet.

_DC22294father of three.


_DC22414 _DC22409little one.

015first bath.


12 thoughts on “reflections

  1. Congratulations Kiyah and family!! It sound like Alice already knows she is a third child and realizes she can not have all the attention. So she will be the one who is most independent and easy going! I am thrilled to watch you enjoy this oh so special time of life!


    1. Thanks Karen. We sent a bunch of photos to Grandma Joyce (as she is affectionately known in these parts) as well. She should have them soon!


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