I don’t remember where he saw this (likely it was You Tube), but my dad tells a story about a little girl – she’s young, maybe 4 – who was going through number flashcards with her parents. In the video they hold the cards up, and she happily shouts the answer. The numbers are big and bold, in a sans serif font.
7. “Seven,” she cries.

3. “Three,” she sings.

9. “Nine,” is her response. (She’s on a roll.)

4. “Four.” she states proudly

11. “Pause,” she shouts.


I have not been writing much lately ; no matter how much I prioritize putting thoughts down on “paper” my life – mostly my work – seem to be all-consuming. The reality of the arrival of #3 has hit me hard, and there are several work projects that I want to finish before s/he arrives. {Yes, we honestly don’t know the gender. I vascilate between feeling like it’s a boy and girl,  although most days I land on “boy” because Tim and I have outlined all the reasons it would be nice to have another little girl – to reduce the possibility for competition between Oliver and his very-close-in-age sibling, it would be someone for him to protect as they get older (not that you can’t do that with a little brother. That reason is pretty silly, actually),  Eleanor would have a sister to bond with and their incredibly close relationship would hold the ends of the family together (I didn’t say these reasons were reasonable). We also have a few options for girls names, and can’t find one for a boy. All these things mean that this one MUST be a boy; surely that’s the sense of humor that life has.} I’m also working on some potentially exciting employment opportunities and the mental and physical prep that this is taking leaves little time for the personal stuff of life.

All this is to say that I’m hitting my own “eleven button” for the time being. Not on life, just on writing (I’ve had to do this a couple of times now…good thing I don’t count on this blog to pay my bills!). But I will return: bigger, faster, stronger, more peaceful than before.

The baby is kicking and it’s time for a conference call. I must go.




3 thoughts on “II

  1. I think your blog enteries have gotten so much sharper over the years – and I thought they were pretty sharp to begin with. What a joy for me to read – and for all of the family a decade or two hence. Xoxo


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