where to shop for food

{Probably not my most poignant post, but taking the time to write again felt oh so good.}
Prompted by a recent article in Time Magazine, I assert (again)  at Just Add Spinach that there are more than just nutritional reasons to know your local farmers and buy what they are growing. With that said, for a great majority of people simply learning – or taking more time to practice – how to shop in the average supermarket can make a world of difference.

I look forward to your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “where to shop for food

  1. Thanks for the post. I read what you posted in j.a.s. We are trying to eat healthier these days. I am not a great cook but I am trying to learn more and improve. We cannot afford lots of local but we try to make good choices. I had to chuckle at the excerpt from the Time article because it was about frozen spinach. I like fresh spinach or very lightly sauteed but I have yet to find a recipe where I actually like the frozen spinach. My husband bought some and it sat it the freezer for month because I couldn’t stand the thought of using it. We did use one box in a lasagna that wasn’t too bad but… it still tasted like frozen spinach. I know that this is a good item that would add to our diets but I can’t figure out how to hide that strong taste of frozen spinach. DO you have any ideas?
    Congrats on Tatu :).


  2. You know, I’ve been thinking about this question…wanting to come up with an answer for you…but I’ve yet to make myself go to the grocery store and actually purchase a block! One day 😉


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