get candy, get candy, get candy…

In a way that I did not experience with my first two pregnancies, this fetus (who we’ve taken to occasionally calling Tatu, which means 3 in Swahili) does NOT want me to be able to resist candy bars in vending machines, at the grocery store checkout, in my daughter’s Halloween bag, at the bank teller’s window…anywhere, really.
This morning, at 9:30, I caught sight of a bag of m&m’s out of the corner of my eye on the way to spinning and I could think of nothing else for the next 20 minutes.

When I was pregnant with Eleanor I (foolishly) ran a marathon and ate locally for a year. With Oliver, I was chasing around a toddler, I made sure to avoid artificial sweeteners and dyes and, although I wasn’t eating 80% local foods, I was very conscientious about what I put into my body. With this one, I will choose Frosty Parrot over an apple most days,  butter is my new best friend, and our leftover junior mints from Halloween somehow {I don’t know how} managed to make their way into my mouth.

I like to think that if I were faced with only healthy options I’d be able to resist this sugar temptation, but, honestly, does this really have the same widespread appeal?

Again, I like to think so, but Tatu is highly skeptical.


4 thoughts on “get candy, get candy, get candy…

    1. butter finds its way to places i don’t want it to, then never leaves. but, honestly, it’s a love/hate relationship because last night, with my 2 am craving, i slathered it on a slice of bread with honey and was in snack heaven.


  1. Your body is working so much harder in your current life than it ever has. Treating yourself is caring for yourself. And Junior mints would seem to be appropriate.


  2. Yeah, I was a bowl of ice cream/day in the last two months of my pregnancy. But before that I was Cheeto’ing it around Phnom Penh before school pick up. You’re not alone!!


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