i voted

No matter who you voted for or how you feel today about the outcome of your state’s referendums or constitutional amendments you cannot deny that yesterday was a big day. Election day.
Tim and I have always hoped that the fact that we discuss things (like politics) in the open, around our children, will inevitably mean that something – any little thing – leaves its mark on them; that they will hear and internalize, if nothing else, the fact that they can talk about these issues too.

This morning in the car on the way to school, as Tim and I discussed the election results from the front seats, Eleanor said “Mom, can I wear your ‘voted’ sticker today?” and I happily obliged.

2 thoughts on “i voted

  1. An A in Civics for Eleanor! While Obama was here in Cambodia last week Millie was indignant as to why Obama couldn’t come over for zucchini pancakes and that instead he had to go eat duck and steak with fancy people. The nerve!


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