happy halloween

Eleanor has been remarkably consistent in her desire to be a princess for Halloween this year. No matter how many time we ask, no matter how many other costumes we explore, “princess” is her answer. “What is a princess?” we ask her curiously. “A little girl who wears dresses and likes to dance,” is usually her reply. I guess that’s not so bad. (She also thinks that Oliver and Tim should be Queens for Halloween which I think is a great idea.)
We’ve done a few things to decorate. For a while I was pretty motivated – I had high hopes for some ideas like this, this, or this – but my motivation faded after putting some bats and pumpkins over the mantle and making some 3D spiders to crawl up the banister. Even the luminaries I hoped to put out tonight might get put on hold until next year.

One night Eleanor and I made ghosts, which hang on the laundry room doors.

My favorite part about these ghosts is that the one on the right is not just a ghost. If you look closely, you’ll see that it a person drawn on it (that’s what those two lines [the legs and feet] and little circle [head, with eyes] are in the photo below). “That’s his Halloween costume,” she declared. “He’s going to be a person for Halloween.” Brilliant, if you ask me.

{On a somewhat related note, I was recently out in San Fransisco with my BFFs from college. In the San Fran Halloween tradition, we went out in the Castro neighborhood. Can anyone guess what we were?}


5 thoughts on “happy halloween

  1. 1.) OK, the “he’s going to be a person for Halloween” wins the prize for best idea yet. Dang that girl has it goin’ on!2.) The mice on the staircase idea ROCKS! THAT could find it’s way into our house . . . and maybe elves for Christmas?
    3.) As for the San Fran photos: Chips off the old block? Computer Chips? No wait . . . 50 Shades of Grey??


  2. Very clever, love it! Ugh, the princess thing. Millie was a ballerina again this year despite my supplications to the contrary. Not that I mind the whole ballerina concept, but just that she wore the exact same costume last year, so I’m like ‘open your mind girlfriend!’


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