I listen to NPR. A lot. I turn it on first thing in the morning. I listen while I’m cooking dinner. I listen to it – exclusively – in the car (unless the kids want to hear some of their favorite albums). I grew to especially love WUNC – Chapel Hill’s NPR station – because of the programming they offer. When we moved to VA, one of the first things I did was find our local NPR station. Much to my dismay, 89.1 WVTF plays classical music from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Every. Single. Day.

Now, I’m not opposed to classical music; I actually like classical music. Just not for 6 hours Every. Single. Day. So I’ve taken to streaming WUNC, through the computer (if I’m in my office) or through my iPhone app (if I’m in the kitchen), so I can hear all those programs/voices that I find so comforting. (I will say this is not helping me get over my “homesickness” for Carrboro and NC.)

This week WUNC is having their fall fund drive (decidedly my least favorite aspect of NPR). Typically, during these drives I listen to NPR a lot less often (I’m such a fickle friend!), but now I have no where else to turn! What’s a girl to do?

4 thoughts on “npr

  1. We can hardly give you a bad time – we still stream radio programs from Cville and Minneapolis, but have you tried Radio IQ associate with WVTF? It is talk-based, and we listened to it religiously in Charlottesville. It, too, has a web streaming option, just in case you can’t find the station and are wanting to ween yourself off of WUNC.


  2. kiyah,
    embrace streaming npr stations through itunes.*the* npr station in new mexico can barely afford to syndicate morning edition, and it doesn’t get rebroadcast twice like on everyotherstationever. so, i listen to kqed out of san francisco, or kuow out of seattle. and, the dirty secret is that once it’s pledge drive time on one, i just switch to the other. wunc is streamable too, if you’re jonesing for backporch music, or if you are insane and actually enjoy listening to the story with dick gordon.


  3. I just download the podcasts that I want to listen too…morning edition, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, This American Life…all free podcasts from iTunes.


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