da’ bomb

So, I feel that my last post deserves at least a short follow-up (although I promise that this blog will not turn into baby blog central- all baby all the time).
Yes, I’m pregnant. I’m sure that many of you have questions/comments racing through your head like:

  • “Are you effing crazy? Did you plan this?”
  • “What are you guys thinking, three children aged 4 and under?! Do you have a death wish? Do you hate sleep?”
  • “Interesting. Another baby. So, let’s get this straight. Your husband just started a new job and you don’t have one nailed down yet (not really) and you are still digging out from moving debt and you’re going to add more diapers, food, toys, and clothes to your bills (to speak nothing of childcare). Interesting.”

And, I tell you, these are all valid questions; questions that Tim and I have asked ourselves numerous times. While we don’t have all the answers yet, here’s what we do know:

  • This was not a planned pregnancy. We always talked 3 as our ultimate number, we just thought there would be a little more time between #2 and #3. But, here we are.
  • Oliver and Baby Baird #3 will be 18 months apart. This means they will be super best friends, share everything, fight over everything, protect each other in school, and (Tim’s favorite part) because they’ll be in college at the same time (with Oliver overlapping some with Eleanor) means we will effectively get one college education “free” (based on the fact that schools divide what parents can pay by how many kids you have in school).
  • My cycle never returned after Oliver’s birth (let this be a lesson to all of you out there), so I wasn’t really sure how far along I was. But based on the way I felt when it dawned on me that maybe the reason I couldn’t stomach the smell of coffee in the morning was because I could be (…maybe…no, it couldn’t be…but it might be…) pregnant and I took the 4 in-home pregnancy tests (you know, just to be sure) I guessed I was probably 9-10 weeks and was expecting a mid-late May delivery. Turns out I’m in my 15th week and the baby is due April 6th. (Which, coincidentally, was Eleanor’s due date.)
  • I have no idea how we’re going to pay for all their childcare. In the dream world I inhabit these days, I’ll be able to work part time and still bring in enough money to pay our bills. The part time I’m working will be covered by a nanny who will stay home with Oliver and the baby and then once the baby is 15 months old (next August) he/she and Oliver will start school together. Alternatively, as some have suggested, we get an au pair (which I always thought was sooooo luxurious but which is actually quite reasonable) and we’ll still get to play man-to-man defense.
  • We’re going to keep the gender a surprise. Given the mess that was the aftermath of Oliver’s birth Baby #3 will have to be a planned cesarean, so – aside from the fact that we’re having a baby –  we want at least one surprise. I think we have a girls name already picked out. Boy names, not so much.
  • Eleanor is thrilled, and she’s been so sweet (both with Oliver and the new baby. “She wants to come out now,” she’ll say. “But she needs to stay in there and get bigger”). I love thinking of her getting to be a big sister again. She’s no much more aware this time than last and she has excellent questions (like “Why does the baby eat what you eat?”). She regularly takes the ultrasound photo off the fridge and puts it by her dinner plate to look at it. She thinks the baby is a girl, and that we should name her “Beleanor” (which is something that Tim calls her often…Eleanor beleanor.”) Oliver’s a bit more oblivious, but he’s so darn cute that he gets away with it.
  • Finally, although a little freaked out, we are – overwhelmingly – excited.

Thanks to you all for your well wishes. And if you haven’t sent them yet, we’re still accepting all the positive energy you can muster.

5 thoughts on “da’ bomb

  1. Here’s the short version: you guys rule. You have always been our paragon of hope and I have utter confidence that you will make this look as easy and graceful as everything else you undertake.


  2. We are also very excited for you all as well. There are so many good things about having three, they will all learn how to wait for things, love the family time you two are creating and give you lots of school things to attend. Ah such good memories. Love you Mom


  3. Huge congrats Kiyah! I saw your most recent post on candy and looked for the pregnancy announcement, thus my delay in sending congrats on this post. I too crave candy, candy, candy, although cupcakes do well too. I am due May 1. Love and hugs — xoxo p.s. I think I saw Tim from a distance at PAA in Denver. If you ever go… email me!


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