family photo

The last time we had a family photo taken I was so pregnant that I was actually supposed to be in the maternity ward delivering Oliver but I had decided to have a picnic dinner with Tim, Eleanor, my parents, and our closest friends before going in (that’s a story for another time).

Eleanor and Oliver have recently started at new schools, and their teachers have been asking us for a Baird/Duffey family photo. I have been putting off this request, because, in the nine ten months since Oliver was born, we’ve not taken a single family photo (at least not one that we can easily put our hands on).

So, last night, we finally did something about it.

Tim checks the image. “Kiyah, you’re not looking. And Eleanor’s eating. Do over.”

“Ok. Not bad. Eleanor, maybe next time don’t eat the apple.”

“Oh, okay. No. Once more.”

(our neighbor’s lawn mowing distracted for a moment.)

“This is it,” I cheered. “I can feel it. This is the one.”

Tim checks again. “Nope. Oliver looks…well…nope. Do over. Once more.” Famous last words.

3 thoughts on “family photo

  1. I love all of them!! But I guess I also appreciate the role of a professional photographer (or, for that matter, just a good pal or neighbor) to do the “dirty work” for you! Nice lookin’ pack of Baird/Duffey there . . . miss you all!


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