on this day in 2010: June 6th

Oliver, now just over 7 months old, is still refusing to not interested in eating solid food. I’ve tried sweet potato, butternut squash, avocado, banana, and homemade rice cereal. All are met with the same reaction: gagging (and in some cases there’s also vomiting). Most of these have been pureed, or mashed and mixed with breast milk because this is what you’re “supposed” to do with first foods — make them as much like breastmilk as possible.
Then, the other day, my friend Amy told me that she’d started giving her daughter (a week younger than Oliver) these, and that her daughter (also not interested in eating other solids) was loving them. So I decided to give it a go with Oliver too. I put  a couple on his high chair tray and let him have at it, fully anticipating that he would bang them around, throw them on the floor, and go on his merry way. But he didn’t. Not only did he put them in his mouth – and smile while doing so – he actually pinched them (rather than fisted them) to get them in there. (Mind you, he doesn’t do this EVERY time, but sometimes…). I was shocked.

Eleanor, at about the same age, was first introduced to sweet potato. Upon her first taste she made a funny face, shuddered a little, and then went right back in for seconds. And she’s never looked back. Brussle’s sprouts, cabbage, herbs, fish- she eats them all. She likes to remind me, when we’re feeding Oliver, that when she was a baby she liked to eat. “I liked food,” she’ll say. “I tasted it and ate it all up.”

“True,” I tell her. “Even butter, straight up.”


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