things I love: succulants and river rocks

For some reason I find myself really (absurdly) drawn to all things succulant and river rock lately. When I’m pumping {Kwuthump, rrrrrr} I’ll often poke around on facebook twitter pinterest. I can’t help myself. I’m left one handed for a solid 15 minutes and can’t really think of working, what with my breasts exposed and all {Kwuthump, rrrrrr}, so I click around.
Here are a few of my favorite ideas for incorporating these into your own life:

1. Overload extra-large terra cotta pots with various colors, sizes, and textures of succulants.


2. Create a vertical succulant garden. Use small frames or recycled pallets (like here, with a tutorial here).



3. Combine succulants and river rocks for kickin’ centerpiece.


4. Catch rain and/snow melt with these river rock boot trays (brilliant, no?)


5. Create visual interest-  in gardens, candle holders, or just as decoration.


via (which has fabulous displays of other collections as well)

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