emotional roller coaster

When we returned from Tanzania, Tim and I joined the masses and bought iPhones. Eleanor was almost two, and in preparation for a flight I was taking alone with her, I downloaded an app I thought would help to entertain her should the need arise. DoodleBuddy is a simple “drawing” program that let’s you create pictures using various background themes, stamps, and paintbrushes. The stamps are particularly entertaining because there are sounds that accompany them: the sheep says baa, the electric guitar wails a chord, etc. Although Eleanor doesn’t use it very often anymore (and when she does it’s only when we’re in the car for long periods of time), but she will occasionally ask to “do some stamps.”
Last weekend we made another trip to VA to do some house hunting. I intended to photo document the trip, but when I sat down to look through the images on my phone, none so accurately embodied the weekend as this creation Eleanor made (and somehow saved) using DoodleBuddy:

We planned for one night in town, but it turned into two. We planned to look at 6 houses, but it turned into 14. We planned to find something we love, but we found something we really like. We swam, we ate, we fretted. We drank wine in the hotel hallway (in our PJs), debating the pros and cons of the homes we had seen, while the kids slept inside. We laughed and joked. We cried. We even wanted to throw up a little.

But, after all was said and done, an offer was made. I think our agent (who has been fabulous, BTW) is going to be happy to be done with us. He told us that it’s been fun, but I’m not sure I believe him. Funny, maybe. But fun…?

I did a terrible job documenting the trip (my enthusiasm didn’t even lasted through the first day), but here are a few moments I did manage to capture:

Eleanor, moments after leaving the driveway…

…and Tim- same time, same place.

 “hey little brother!”

king of the hill.

wind in her hair.


lunch spot 1.

lunch spot 2.

examining MLS sheets,

and again with mom.

father and son.

the drive home.



2 thoughts on “emotional roller coaster

  1. You HAVE been fun! And you’ve been patient … And diligent … And responsive … All of those go a long way to making our job easier!
    You’ve picked a beautiful home. Can’t wait to welcome you all to the area!


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