do not buy these

Consider yourself warned: the Dark Chocolate Almonds from Trader Joes should not be purchased unless under extreme duress. As the dark Belgian chocolate tickles the tastebuds on the tip of your tongue you bite (with a perfect crunch) into an oven roasted almond. The sweetness of the chocolate is followed by a kick of salted sea-saltiness, the combination of which will leave you begging for more. These things are cracktastic.
You will not be able to eat just one. Or even just ten. I swear.

Do not buy these.

(Note: I have been gluten-dairy-soy free for exactly 26 weeks 5 days now (can you tell that I’m counting?), and although these darlings do contain soy lecithin, it’s not enough soy that Oliver is bothered by it, making them one of the few “treats” I can have these days. That might explain why I salivate just thinking about them.)

4 thoughts on “do not buy these

  1. Mmmm. They DO sound tempting . . . and we’ve not yet visited our (relatively) new Trader Joe’s. Maybe this is a good reason to add that to the weekend “To Do List?”


  2. I’m going to Trader Joes tomorrow for some other stuff and you had to post this? πŸ™‚ Guess I’m going to have to bring some home to test out! πŸ™‚ Both are super foods, right?


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