Do you have to be living under a rock to NOT know what this is, or is it just because I live where I do that I DO know what this is?
Either way, there’s new hobby in our house (hooping) and watching Eleanor with her hula hoop – the way she holds her hands and arms and wiggles her hips – well, there’s just no chance that we are not going to also join in the fun.


2 thoughts on “hooping

  1. Let the family workout begin! Tim, you’ve got a great role model to follow there. A family tradition is born . . . .


  2. This morning Eleanor told me that I had to wait my turn (because her dad was using the hula hoop). Well. Okay.
    And looking at these pictures I realize it looks like we have her out in traffic for this daily hooping…we’re always out there with her, I swear.


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