on this day in 2010: April 19th

April 2010. The month that nearly killed me – or more accurately – nearly killed my desire to live in Africa. Eleanor had Giardia and for almost 2 weeks before we figured out what it was. Her illness was of the ‘still playing between bouts of vomiting and general lethargy and thus not really sick enough to be overly worried’ kind , so the doctor kept telling us it was probably just a virus that just would have to run its course. The vomiting started the same night that Tim left for one of his first trips out to the bush (for 4 nights) and shortly after his return home, in the midst of Eleanor’s ‘what the hell is wrong with her (someone make this go AWAY!)? illness Tim came down with food poisoning and was on the couch, (also) vomiting and delirious, for 48 hours. I nearly booked flights home that day.
Then came the days of absolute boredom; before we purchased a car that I could drive and I spent my days wandering the small yard trying to avoid the sun and hoping that Tim would have to leave the house for something (please God, anything) so that Eleanor and I could go along for the ride.

But these experiences changed me – and my intestinal system – forever. So much so that Tim and I have {seriously} contemplated moving back to Africa, this time with two kids in tow.

On this day in 2010 I wrote about a conversation Tim had with his field assistant about “a good looking” land cruiser he eyed while sitting in traffic. I remember this day so vividly because I had never heard him utter such a thing: “A good looking car? Who was this man?”  Well, it seems that my husband has been forever changed by his experience in Tanzania as well. The other day, as he stood on the sidewalk looking at our car, he said: “Our tires really do look manly. I mean look at those things. They are thick! Those are nice tires.” He walked around to the back of the car, checking her out from the rear. “I mean it. Those are nice tires.”





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