I told you that I’d be MIA for a while, but then I continued to write (5 more times, actually) so I wonder if my recent disappearance had anyone worried. No? I suspected as much.
Tim and I have been applying for jobs (more to come, so don’t ask. Please God, don’t ask), so between job applications and interviews, teaching, working (which includes meetings, mentoring students, writing papers, writing grant applications, and doing data analysis), and two kids, we’ve had little time for anything else.

And, as usually happens when I take too much time away, I have felt like I just don’t have anything worthy of sharing with y’all: like there’s just nothing going on up here (I’m taping my temple right now).

But although I haven’t been writing, I have needed wanted distraction: from said job hunting and job news waiting. So rather than a long insightful post, I’m going to provide a short, link-filled one highlighting the things that have been striking my fancy these days. Enjoy.

– Imagining working here.

– Coming up with other uses for this pesto.

– Reading about the power of perception.

– Spending (way too much) time (for my own good) here.

– Wishing myself stylish (and not on a budget).

– Netflixing (has that entered our lexicon yet) this.

– Browsing the art here.

– (Virtual) Touring this woman’s house. (And theirs and theirs.)

– Wondering what it would be like to meet her.

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