On this day in 2010: March 26

Yes, this post is a little late. Cut me some slack, why don’t you?!
On March 26th, 2010, we had been in Arusha for two months and 26 days. Exactly. And based on my post from this day two years ago, it seems that was about two months and 10 days too long. I was homesick. I missed friends, and family, and red and yellow peppers (apparently), and our local Co Op. We hadn’t made many friends yet. I hadn’t figured out shopping and cooking- I didn’t even have a car that I could drive so I needed Tim for everything. Eleanor was just getting settled with her new nanny. I was just figuring out how to work from thousands of miles away.

Now, I miss Africa. I miss our friends and the freedom that living there afforded us. I miss having to go to bed early because there was no internet (or power, for that matter) for distraction. I miss the vibrancy and rawness that was daily life. I miss the meals that I used to make there – and having (and giving them) the amount of time it took to prepare them. I miss our crotchety old landladies and the smelly dogs. I miss the wildlife. Most of all, I miss how alive I felt and how proud I was to have made it through the day – everyday.

(I do not miss the rats, though. I’m happy to be able to have a fruit bowl out from under lock and key again.)

Here’s to you, Tanzania. On this day in 2012, I am homesick for you.

{Here are a few images of other things I miss…}

Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Asina, Eleanor’s nanny, made “matches” for the match box.

sitting by the fire at Tim’s field site- aka. camp.


the wind in our hair.

surviving the streets.

dog friends.

and people friends.

[stacks of] colored money.

dramatic weather (and The Great Migration).

Gibbs Farm (ahhhh Gibbs Farm).

experiencing with (gorgeous) lentils.

sleeping under bug nets.

going on safari.

birding (on safari).

our wall of words.

and the wildlife…





and hyena.


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