on this day in 2010: March 23

When I started this blog, I thought I’d have all kinds of observations about how different life in America is from our life in Africa – hence the title – but as I reflect on what I’ve written it become clear to me that I have hardly mentioned the trip. This is not to say that I (we) don’t think  or reminisce about it, because we (as a family) do quite often, but I just haven’t been sharing those thoughts here.
During these next couple of weeks, while life is crazy busy, I decided that I would return to that original intention.

Today, I sit in my office, pumping. after dropping Eleanor and Oliver at school, my schedule for the day looks something like this: morning meeting over coffee with a colleague; answering emails, researching IRB requirements, editing conference posters and preparing a presentation about my research; rerunning statistical analyses from a colleague’s paper. I am meeting with a group of students at lunch to discuss a method I used recently for examining dietary patterns; and tonight, when I get home, I will relieve Tim of the dinner duty he’s had all week, play with the kids, and watch UNC play in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA tournament while working on my presentation. And that’s actually a pretty light day.

On this day in 2010, however, I was doing this.

There is much about this (my day today) that I like. But mostly, I miss that.


4 thoughts on “on this day in 2010: March 23

  1. There’s something about the way you describe academic work that makes it sound delightful: “morning meeting over coffee with a colleague… rerunning statistical analyses from a colleague’s paper.” (which seems generous, by the way) I am trying to think about my own day in a similar way, even though I’d rather be skiing. Perhaps you could hide an elephant somewhere on the conference poster. I’m going to drink hot chocolate.


    1. Oh Erin,You give me too much credit if you think this is the only way I see the day; because every chance I get (including this very minute) I’m back over here (or at one of the other dozens of websites I like to check in with) answering comments or drafting new posts or looking for new post ideas, or I’m thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner or whether or not Tim and I should watch another episode of the West Wing.
      And rerunning someone else’s analyses IS generous, thank you for noticing! 😉
      I’m going to go get some coffee…


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