We had Eleanor’s party this weekend. In hindsight it was totally unnecessary (she was perfectly happy with the way we celebrated with her on the actual day), but it was fun nonetheless. Three other friends (all boys) and their parents (and one younger sister, who is Oliver’s age) joined us for an afternoon of grilling and merriment. I prepared a scavenger hunt for the kids – magnifying glasses and all – but mostly they were interested in running around and screaming. Which is okay too. Thankfully it was a nice day.
Here  are a few photos because…well…why not?

(As a side note, I think there’s something to the rule of thumb: 1 child for every year of age. Although, 16 16 year-old girls…can you imagine?!)

Party hats, adorned with extra tassels.

Greeting the guests (sign courtesy of Eleanor’s class).

“Look, we drew a heart balloon.”

The kids’ table.

Ready for eating, silverware and thyme toasted almonds.

Flowers and gifts.

Ready to party.

Opening gifts.

Friends on a scavenger hunt.

Parents look on.

New stethoscope.

Patient, doctor.

Oliver’s friend, LMG (her initials).

(L to R): Jack, Jin, and Grayson.

The entertainer.



3 thoughts on “overkill?

  1. ” . . . running around and screaming . . .?” Sounds PERFECTLY normal and kinda like a fun party!! We should do one sometime!!


  2. As follow up to my last post–Just got permission from Mom for my next birthday to be a “run around and scream” party! I’ll make up for not having had that at 3 like Ms. E . . . LOL. Love the photos.


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