from 3 to 33

Eleanor received a birthday card from her great grandparents with $20 and instructions to “have your mom and dad buy you something you’d really like to have.” I decided that I would let her make up her own mind, so Saturday morning we went to a fantastic kids consignment shop in town and I let her choose how to spend her cash. We walked around the store for a while discussing the pros and cons of various items that she found (and trying on close to a dozen pairs of shoes) before she settled on this: a baby carrier for her baby. As soon as we got home we went on a walk, me carrying Oliver and her carrying her baby (whose name often alternates between Oliver, Baby, and Lila May). When Tim saw her, he commented: “If you were looking for a way to garner even more attention than you already do, Eleanor, I think you nailed it.” And he was right on; she turned every head we passed in the half mile or so from our house to the grocery store. And to get there we walked through the farmers’ market, so there were a lot of heads to be turned.


3 thoughts on “from 3 to 33

  1. Dear Eleanor:
    Here’s my heart. Just take it, I don’t really need it anyway and you seem to find ways to “steal it away” regularly. I’m sure it will serve you well as it seems to have grown several sizes since you and your little brother have arrived.
    BTW, your doll looks quite content in her carrier! She’s one lucky little doll to have someone like you care for her. Great choice for your birthday gift! Grandpa D.


  2. Another blog to warm my heart. I can only imagine what kind of mother she will be!!! Be sure to keep these pictures for when she is going through the grabby teens. It will give you an idea of how she will come out on the other side. Grandma D.


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