happy three Miss E

Today my little girl turned 3 years old. We’re having a small gathering for a couple of her friends next weekend, but Tim and I still wanted to make it a special day for her and celebrate as a family. Given the fact that we went to Elmo’s for breakfast (our local diner), she got to have popsicles with her class at afternoon snack, and she helped me make cupcakes when she got home, I’d say we’ve got “having a great birthday” locked down.
Happy Birthday, my little one.


happy morning: balloons and streamers hanging from her door.

materials 1.

materials 2.

balloons, living room floor.

balloons & streamers.

friends awaiting the birthday girl 1.

friends awaiting the birthday girl 2.

little brother.

little brother celebrating.

opening gifts 1.

from grammy.

new silverware.

bug poster from grandma & grandpa.


ready for cupcakes.

make a wish.

can I eat them now?

yes. I love you.


7 thoughts on “happy three Miss E

  1. Grandma and I just checked out the celebration pics. What a wonderful way to turn 3 . . . looks like you had a GREAT family celebration! We were with you in spirit all day. Love you all!


    1. Thanks Grandpa. We did enjoy the day, just the 4 of us, but we would have welcomed your company as well. We’ll find some way to celebrate (no more diaper party?!) when you’re here next.


  2. hooray! looks like she made short work of the birthday candles, which proved a bit of a stumbling block for somebody else i know about her size.


    1. if by “short work” you mean one at a time while turning the plate to get the remaining lit candles closest to her, then yes, she made short work of them. 😉


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