resources, homies

I have to pass this along. Not because I think you should vote (although I’m sure the finalists wouldn’t mind if you did. I know I wouldn’t if I were a finalist), but because there are just way too many incredible resources available in a single link to NOT share it with you. I would be doing you a real disservice if I didn’t at least alert you to their presence.
Although this is just a link to the finalists for Apartment Therapy‘s Homie Awards (of which there are 6 in each of the following categories: Best {Home Design, Family, DIY, Recipe, Healthy Cooking, Food Photography} Blog), there are also links to dozens of others that were nominated. (Seriously, you could loose years off your life looking through these links, so consider yourself warned.)

I am both envious and in awe of {and in love with} many of the sites I clicked through, and am ultimately left feeling like ORSP (that’s short for Our Regularly Scheduled Program, in case you were wondering) is in serious need of a facelift, tips from a pro, design savvy, wit and humor (especially when it comes to descriptions about myself and my family), and serious soul searching about what the heck this site is trying to do/be.

How people find the time to do what they do (on these sites) is beyond me, but I do know that if I was able to spend just half of the amount of time I spend at work each day on stuff like this (i.e. making my website look and sound like {many of} the websites and blogs on this list), I would be one happy, happy lady.

Happy reading, homies.

(I fell in love with the food photography here, would eat just about anything from here or here, have saved (and tackled) many of the projects from here, and want to be become friends with everyone who writes these (they are doing what I seek to do (this woman even has a daughter with the same name as I do and takes photos of brussels sprouts, which is totally something I would do…er…something I do…totally something I do), only they do it a zillion times more successfully.)

One thought on “resources, homies

  1. GREAT! There goes about a week of my life in the pursuit of good ideas . . . . And just for the record, I suspect you may well find yourself nominated one day. (Put it out there to the universe, higher power, God, whomever is listening and it just may happen.)


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