one year later

This afternoon when I picked Eleanor up from school, her teacher commented on the outfit she was wearing, “That used to be a dress on her, didn’t it?”
Yes. It sure did.

February, 2011.

February, 2012.

(Her size is not the only thing that’s grown, her unwillingness to stand still for pictures has gotten bigger too. a quick shot with my phone was all I could manage.)


5 thoughts on “one year later

  1. I have been doing the same thing with dresses for Dakota. Love it. I have also been buying tunics a couple of sizes too big so they start as dresses the first year. I so love that I can get a couple of years out of things having a girl :).
    I love Eleanor’s kitchen!


    1. That is a great idea – tunics – that I’m going to have to remember. Any favorite sites?
      Isn’t her kitchen great?! It was a handmade present from her grandfather. He made one for me when I was two, so she got one as well. We love it.


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