lemon love macaroon

A dear friend gave us a homemade bottle of Limoncello for Christmas. I had no idea what Limoncello was, but whenever I tell anyone about it their response is always the same: “Oh. That’s soooo good.”
But I’m breastfeeding, and that means two things: (1) I’m not drinking hard liquor and (2) in the hopes of preventing the kind of digestive pain that Eleanor experienced as a baby I’ve cut dairy, soy, and gluten from my diet meaning nearly everything good – especially for dessert – is off limits.

That’s why, when I came across this recipe for Limoncello Macaroons from my fav 101 Cookbooks I wasted no time spending $10 on almond paste (I even got lucky because it was on sale) and whipping up a batch (because (1) I got to taste the Limoncello without feeling guilty about drinking and (2) it meant I could have dessert). I agree with Heidi, that they are best roughly 30  minutes out of the oven (at least I seem to remember her saying this somewhere). But, sitting in my office yesterday afternoon, eyes closed, listening to my daily soundtrack, they were still delicious.


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