Books: {Miss Rumphius}

Miss Rumphius, written and illustrated by Barbara Cooney, is the beautiful story of Alice Rumphius and her desire to do three things with her life: to travel to faraway places, to live by the sea, and, at the insistence of her wise grandfather who has also traveled to faraway places and come home to live by the sea, to make the world a more beautiful place.
The story, told through the lens of Alice’s great niece, is mostly about her {Alice’s} search for a way to do that most difficult of things – to find a way to improve, what seems to Alice, an already beautiful world. This book is gorgeous in both language and illustration, and holds a very special place in my heart for many reasons. When Eleanor was first born I would read it to her while she nursed and, in my hormone induced state, often cried as I read the final pages.

The other day, as we walked hand in hand, I heard Eleanor say “When I get bigger I will visit faraway places and when I get bigger I will live by the sea.” I smiled and squeezed her hand a little tighter. “That is all very well, little Alice, but there is one more thing you must do. You must do something to make the world a more beautiful place.”

“A more beautiful place,” she repeated. And we walked on in silence.


3 thoughts on “Books: {Miss Rumphius}

  1. My dearest daughter you have such a beautiful ability to see such important things and then to express them. How did you become so wise? Love you Mom


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