I’m over at Examiner today with something small to start the weekend – a super easy pumpkin recipe to get you in the mood for fall…or something like that.
(Okay, honestly, I actually posted the recipe yesterday but it’s been a long week and I have been having cramps and Braxton-Hicks contractions and dealing with huge rolling [and quite uncomfortable] movements and rib kicks all afternoon and we had a lovely picnic at the local ice cream farm stand last night with friends and by the time I sat down to finish the post I wanted to I was simply too tired. So I’m recycling old material. Blog suicide? Maybe. But my bed calls, and it’s too loud to ignore.)

So here it is: Rigatoni with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese (from Green Halloween) for your pleasure. Or displeasure (in which case I’m terribly sorry. Come back to tomorrow. I’ll be in a better mood have my mo-jo back, I promise).

{photo credit: Green Halloween}


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