Books: {A Topsy Turvy Tale}

This is one of those books from my childhood that, even though I had completely forgotten about it, I could nearly recite word for word after simply seeing the book cover (which I recently stumbled upon at my parent’s house). A Little Golden Look-Look Book, A Topsy Turvy Tale by Pat Jamieson and illustrated by Kevin Callahan, is a wonderfully simple (and funny) story about sailing cars, talking & hopping cows, flying children, and chickens living in the city. It’s an especially fun read for toddlers going through the “NO phase” because the book encourages liberal use of the word to correct the story teller. My daughter at least seemed to take great pleasure in repeating the word over and again on each page. {“That night they slept in the birdhouse. No, no. That’s for the birds. They slept in the guest house…”}


One thought on “Books: {A Topsy Turvy Tale}

  1. I’ve come to really enjoy this one myself. I especially like that it pushes critical thinking. Indeed – people don’t sleep in birdhouses… at least, not yet.


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