Things I love: DIY gift ideas

{After such a wonderful and heartfelt response to some of my latest posts, I decided on something a little lighter for the weekend.}
With the holidays fast approaching and the impending birth of #2 so close to said holidays (meaning little time to prepare) and the fact that we are, at present, a one-income family (meaning little extra money for gifts) I find myself drawn to DIY gifts. They are quite crafty, (but not so crafty that they should scare you) and mostly for kids. Although, who knows, maybe your grandmother would appreciate a socktopus for Christmas.

{photo credit: babble}

Let’s go fishing: I love this idea, a homemade fishing game, with wet and dry options available, thanks to MiniEco (who has a new facebook page, check it!). Great for parties or just every day fun! And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could pair this game with a working fishing pole from imagine childhood.

Food Coloring Art: Check out this super cool (and super easy) art project from Young House Love.

Handmade Paper: This is a little more complicated, but look at the beautiful results- great for cards, stationary, invitations, or just framing- thanks to kiss the groom.

Map Correspondence set: {Okay, this one is actually a little more appropriate for adults.} Get creative with the map: ski resorts, world political maps, historical replicas…the possibilities are endless.

Animal jar toppers: I love this idea, and the jars could be filled with all kinds of items (all part of the gift, of course): colored pencils, beads and yarn, marbles (for older children), sea glass or rocks, flower or vegetable seeds…and on and on and on.

Braided-strap dress: For those comfortable with sewing, this is a beautiful way to re-purpose an old t-shirt. While we’re on the topic of re-purposing, how about getting the kids involved in creating an original piece of artwork, like this one, from Simple Mom, or making a pair of kids pants from your favorite old wool sweater courtesy of Prudent Baby.

Marble Magnets: Themed according to the holiday or the recipients hobbies, these are sure to please.

{featured image photo credit: ohdeedoh}


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