chef Tim

A few weeks ago I wrote a couple of posts (here and here) for Eating Made Easy with tips for preparing healthy meals when you have kids (and thus tend to find yourself short on time). Although I think these tips are very helpful, I am guilty of not always following them myself and more often than not my “Have a Plan B” ends up being eating out (which is not necessarily friendly on your waistline or your wallet).
But today I followed several of my own tips and had my husband make lunch for me while did nothing else but sit. It was wonderful. And what he came up with was fabulous too- a variety of beautiful colors and textures, healthy, fresh, and made  of 100% whole foods. The peppers were thinly julienned, the carrots grated so they became fully incorporated into the quinoa (rather than float around in the bowl awkwardly). There was a hint of lemon, fresh greens and herbs and artfully arranged avocado slices placed on top.

But the best part of the meal was his statement about putting it together. “When I looked in the fridge I didn’t see anything to eat,” he told me. “I was looking for something that was obviously a meal (aka. a box of macaroni and cheese). But then I realized that a chef would come in here and think we had SO MANY things on hand, and  would probably whip up an incredible meal. We have all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruit, cooked quinoa and rice, nuts, a ripe avocado…not to mention oils, vinegars and spices. So I decided to take on the challenge.”

It was music to my ears. One of the ways Tim wooed me when we were first dating was by cooking (Vermont Cheddar Chowder from The Hay Day Country Cookbook). And although he was never the “I only eat cereal because I don’t (or can’t) cook” kind of guy, his repetoire was not expansive either. And since I tend to take over in the kitchen. He rarely gets a chance to showcase, or expand, his skills. But today was a sure sign that if he needed to, he could be just as creative as the next guy (or gal). And I think his presentation style would beat mine any day. (I wish I thought to take a photo. Next time.)

Fridge Quinoa

{Note: Tim used the ingredients that we had in the fridge, hence the name, but you can experiment with any combination of vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and oils or sauces (i.e. pesto, salsa) you have on hand. Get creative!}

2 c cooked quinoa (we used a combination of red and white)
½ a medium carrot, shredded
½ red and ½ yellow pepper, thinly sliced
¼ – 1/3 c raspberries
½ avocado, sliced
Flat leaf parsley (to taste), roughly chopped
Toasted nuts (oprional)
Broccoli sauce (from this Double Broccoli recipe from 101 Cookbooks…it’s not as bad as it might sound, trust me.)
Salt & pepper
Mix broccoli sauce with quinoa in a large bowl. Combine all other ingredients and toss gently. Season with salt and pepper. Taste. Adjust as necessary. It’s that easy!



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