overwhelmed and uninspired

My inclination is to blame my current writer’s block on my recent vacation- a few days off of writing everyday and I sit staring at a blank post waiting for lightening to strike- but I’m not sure that’s entirely fair.
A little personal probing {that sounds creepy, sorry} also leaves me feeling like the pile of emails (and dirty dishes and laundry), and my increasingly independent-minded toddler who can be as head strong as her father and who wants to do everything on her own schedule (the “I’ll do it when I’m good and ready, thank you very much!” attitude prevails these days), and a husband who is in the midst of some exciting job prospects (which means needing more and more time for phone calls and interview prep) and who is deep in dissertation writing mode (ditto last parenthetical phrase), and a fridge full of decidedly *not* instant meals (damn fresh vegetables and a stubborn belief that my family should eat wholesome and healthy meals), and a body that is increasingly large and becoming less mobile and nimble and increasingly tired by the simplest of tasks like bending down to put the toaster away (can someone tell me how is it possible that there are just 5 paltry weeks left in this pregnancy?!), and a work “To Do Before Baby” list that refuses to get any shorter (not to mention the fact that I feel completely uninspired by  said list) might also have a little something to do with it.


On top of that, I put a lot too much hope in my recent “vacation” turning up some options for a pretty meaningful change and those haven’t actually materialized. So I’m left feeling stuck, again. Mentally, physically, emotionally flat-lined.

I keep struggling with what this means, and then I realize that it actually means very little other than, for right now, I’m just feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. And this will pass. It always does.

In the meantime, I’ll try not to take you down with me.

{Thumbnail photo credit: © Annie Preece}


3 thoughts on “overwhelmed and uninspired

  1. You said it best yourself: “This will pass. It always does.” Now just keep repeating it until you believe it (or until it passes, whichever comes first).
    Big hugs from NM. Hang in there, mama!


    1. This will pass. It always does. This will pass. It always does. This will pass. It always does. This will pass. It always does. This will pass. It always does…
      Thanks Kim. I feel the support from here!


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