monday morning laugh

I know that I am way behind the times when it comes to most things cultural, and this is likely just another example (my brother forward it to me this weekend, and judging by the number of views this video already has we are WAY behind the times). But I did think it was pretty funny, and this morning I woke up singing the chorus. So, to jump start your Monday, I thought I’d share this little beauty with you (and provide a little morning laugh). One has to give credit to Micheal Bolton for doing this…what a good sport.
I know the first many seconds might not be the kind of music/lyrics that everyone is into, but wait until Micheal Bolton makes his first onscreen appearance in the music video. It’s worth the wait.

{“This is the tale of Capatain Jack Sparrow…}


2 thoughts on “monday morning laugh

    1. No worries…that doesn’t make me feel bad. I’m just glad that others enjoy it as much as I did. And I still can’t get that damn chorus out of my head. I think my favorite part is when he kisses the bird before sending it off from the crow’s nest. Too much!


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