Things I love: new uses for old trophies

Until recently, we were constantly searching for places to hang our coats (and hats and scarves and ergo and umbrellas and, and, and…) in the hallway by the front door. Having very little space to work with, we needed something that would maximize useable space on the wall, but not be too obtrusive (because the front door wouldn’t open fully in the small hallway). We came up with (if I do say so myself) a great solution, which you can read about here, with inspiration found here.
But in my searches I came across a few other fabulous ideas for (coat) hangers specifically designed for the sports enthusiast in your life (especially a sports enthusiast who is, oh, say, 10 years old).

This one, for the soccer (or fooseball) fanatic:

or this one, which would be perfect for all those old trophies you have collecting dust in the attic

{credits for the original DIY post from Design*Sponge}


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