a new series idea

I probably shouldn’t say this too loudly, but what the hell. I’m trying to live my life more openly, more honestly. So…
I’ve been thinking about making a career change (which, as a side note, I alluded to here a while ago but absolutely NO ONE contact me about my offer, so it seems I need a new business model):

But as I think about what else I might like to do, and face my fast approaching due date when I’ll have many long quite hours in the middle of the night to think more deeply and fully about what is really important to me, I decided that I wanted a way to catalog my realizations. I think I’d like working for myself, by why exactly? I like writing and am envious of people who blog (about the things they’re doing) for a living, but what is it, precisely, about what they do that stirs that envy?

So, I’m going to start a new “series” on the blog: I Admire. I hope to feature people who are doing something I think is admirable and honest. And I hope, in the process, that my own desires and goals will become more clear. I hope. But I make no guarantees!



6 thoughts on “a new series idea

  1. Great idea – I can’t wait to follow it!
    And to get it started,
    I Admire: Kiyah Duffey.
    For writing this post.
    And for so much more…


  2. Awww…How nice of you. You can let Coach Rusty know that one of my earliest posts will be about him (the real Rusty, not Mr. Mullet). If he’s okay with that, of course.


  3. Kiyah, what a very cool, and very admirable, idea. I must say that I admire Rusty Miller for doing what he wanted to do and doing it swimmingly. Pretty exciting and impressive what he’s done in a short time.


    1. When I told Rusty that he might be the subject of one of my early “I Admire” series he said “maybe we should see if Rusty’s freelance endeavor will put food on the family table before we blog on him as a paradigm of life-lived-well.”
      To that I say: Blah; and are you crazy? It’s about so much more than putting food on the table and the fact that you have been mentioned here TWICE already is evidence that you are living a life-lived-well. So there.


  4. I love this idea. I have spent the last couple of years figuring out what my big career change will be. Having a baby accelerated that when I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to my old job. Now I’m trying to figure out how to fill the void… Anyway, I’m really looking forward to finding out more about who you admire and why! And best of luck with your own soul-searching.


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