Slow Food International’s $5 challenge

I joined Twitter a while back, and although I’m still not sure how to use it to my advantage (to establish my base of loyal followers [right now they are all of 12] and build an empire writing about food, nutrition, parenting and all things random that pop into my head), but I will say that it has allowed me to easily keep up with sites and stories that to find otherwise I would have to spend (potentially) hours surfing the internet.
In recent weeks there is one thing that has continued to crop up on my twitter feed (look at me, using the lingo!) from a certain segment of the people/sites I follow (i.e. food sites as opposed to parenting sites) and I feel it is my duty to pass this along. For one, because I think it will be really fun- a challenge that I’m up for and I bet many of you are too. But more importantly, because I think it’s an incredibly worthy cause:

The Slow Food $5 Challenge

On September 17th, your mission is to host a family dinner, small dinner party, huge community potluck- or to simply find one near you to attend- where everyone is fed for just $5/head. Take back the “value meal”- show the world that slow food doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t have to) cost more than fast food.

If you’re so inclined, you can even send photos and menus from your even to Food52, who may choose your even to feature on their site. And if you’re not sure where to start in your planning, you might check out their recent contest results.

Join me, friends (I’d have you all over, but I’ll be in Maine).


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