my friend is trying to get me fired

Seriously, he is. And I have proof.
Exhibit A: he send me this link, where Melissa Easton’s blog overwhelms me with these uber (yes, I went there) fabulous “kitchen management” systems: enameled metal canisters with ash wood lids which are designed by the women behind the Viennese studio Dottings. These things are gorgeous and make our current food storage systems look like they came from Target (oh wait…they did) and belong in a dorm room, not an adult’s kitchen.




Exhibit B: Said friend also send me this link, to SwissMiss, another design blog/studio maintained by yet another person who is way more savvy and creative than I (besides swissmiss, she founded and runs CreativeMornings, TeuxDeux, Tattly and her coworking space called Studiomates. I already have a love/hate relationship with her). Don’t believe me? Check out her links like this to a DIY shower curtain, or these woven gift toppers, or this hillarious iPhone cover, or this brilliant idea for making just about anything easily moveable. Admittedly, these are not all her ideas…but does that really matter?

Space invader gift topper, courtesy of

See what I mean? How is anyone supposed to stay focused on work with these sites taunting me from the explorer bar? Geeze Eli. Next time, please also send money for my mortgage payment.


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