guest post: Eating Made Easy

Eating Made Easy. It’s a lovely image, isn’t it? Something that many of us strive for, and something that I have personally been struggling with  whining about about lately (I blame the end of pregnancy and near 100 degree temperatures, but I realize that’s not entirely fair). Well Amelia Winslow, a graduate of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, is working tirelessly to help us do just this, make eating a little easier.
As a new mom herself, Amelia recently started a “Loose the Baby Weight” course over at her website, and asked me to contribute some thoughts on how to fit cooking (healthy and delicious {wink, wink} cooking) into life with a baby (or children more generally). Although folks in her class got a sneak peak a few days ago, she’s been kind enough to share my thoughts with everyone. You can find my tips here.

Thanks for letting me guest post, Amelia!

{PS- I’m game to do it again. Any time!}



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