reading corner

At The Little School (which is where Eleanor attends daycare), each classroom has a special space where children can curl up with a good book. I suspect that these reading corners are pretty similar throughout the rooms, but in Eleanor’s classroom specifically this is a space that has large pillows, a soft rug, and shelves and shelves of books.
In our living room there is a shelf of books especially for Eleanor (which is usually a mess)  which she goes to each and every day. In the morning, when she comes home from school, after dinner…”Read” she’ll demand. “Daddy, come here. Read.”

One day Eleanor called me into the living/dining room to see her; so proud that she had tucked herself into a corner between the wall and a dresser-turned-side table. I was trying to finish getting dinner ready, so I suggested that she bring a pillow and some books into the space and read while I finished cooking. Much to my surprise, she sat, peacefully, reading to her animals for a solid 20 minutes.

This got Tim and I thinking. Behind our couch, nestled between a bookcase and the wall, was unused space- a little space that would be perfect for…Eleanor’s own reading corner {light bulb!}.

So I started looking for inspiration. Although “libraries” like this one and this one were no doubt very cool, they were {way} more than we wanted. Then I saw this one over at Young House Love and knew that I were getting closer. Finally, I found this cozy reading nook at Ohdeedoh and knew I had found our inspiration.

So, armed with good intentions we set out on a rainy Saturday to collect our supplies. After much debate about colors, textures, sizes, and cost we found a rug/pillow combination that suited everyone’s needs- which is to say that the colors worked well in our living room and the entire purchase set us back just $20 (total). We’re still thinking we’d like to add an overhead reading light at some point- a nice wall-mounted sconce light- but for now the natural light from the window or light from the paper lamp that sits on the bookshelf overhead will have to do.

We think it’s pretty cool. And Eleanor seems to like it as well, which is really all that matters. (Oh, and we think her monkey digs it too.)

Want some more details? The rug (which is technically a bathmat) and pillows were both purchased at Marshall’s, for $10 each. We considered purchasing some pretty (funky) bright colors which may have been fun for “a little girl”, but we didn’t really think Eleanor would really care about the colors and they would have completely clashed with the rest of the room (and since we are actually trying for a room that feels somewhat cohesive, we opted for the neutral colors instead…thankfully!)

The basket we brought down from Eleanor’s room, where it was already sitting on a bookshelf, surrounded by books, and holding books (aka. serving little purpose). So, downstairs it came with a new selection of books from her room as well- big and small.

Finally, Mr. Monkey (a gift from Uncle Kean) was placed just so as a little enticement into the corner. And to this day, we often find him hanging out there in the morning.

{A note to concerned parents: that second outlet was plugged, in case anyone was concerned that we are being cavalier with our child’s safety.}



2 thoughts on “reading corner

  1. You guys are awesome. I want to be like you when I grow up. Hopefully that will happen in time for wee Spartacus to reap the benefits of your cleverness (through shameless stealing of ideas on Simon’s and my part, of course).


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