a cookbook follow-up

I want to thank all of you who responded to my call for cookbooks; although there weren’t many of you, your advice was much appreciated. As a quick follow-up to that post, I thought I would pass along this site, the 101 Cookbooks Library, which I recently remembered…should you ever find yourself in search of new inspiration. I’m thinking I might try this one…



One thought on “a cookbook follow-up

  1. Hi Kiyah! Molly is showing me your blog, which I love! This Veganomicon cookbook was given to me by my sister for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it’s great. She has a vegan cooking blog at http://www.bistrokatie.com... I think you’d enjoy looking through it! As I begin a new year of teaching, my goal is to write more personally and expand my own learning of new things. I’m inspired by your blog and think this will be a great venue to both write and share my new understandings. Working on blog names now! Hope you are well and hope we cross paths again soon. Love, Ali


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