supporting (the) art(s)

Maybe it’s because I think Eleanor is bound for fame as an artist (not only has she shown independent interest in all things are related- painting, drawing, sculpting [even if only with play dough]), but she seems to have some talent too; from day one, she held her crayon the way you are supposed to hold a pencil (never with her full fist), and she produced her first self-identified portrait before she was two) or because I recently came across this website which helps you support “original” art for as low as 20 bucks (!), or because I live between two fabulous artists (check out their stuff here (for Jen Padilla [I love {imagine that word dripping off my tongue} this site) and here (for Leigh Suggs {whose work is painstakingly, gorgeously detailed}), or because I have a close friend who is fiercely talented with a camera (see example of his photo below). But whatever the true reason I find that I’ve become quite interested in supporting the arts. Well, just supporting art really.
Which is why, when my friend (and ex-bread-slicer-in-crime!) asked me to link to this site, where his kids (he’s a middle school art teacher {three cheers for Simon!}) showcase their work I jumped at the opportunity. Thanks for the chance to share their talents, Simon.

thumbnail photo credit: {Adam Gori, First Person Photography}

8th grade assignment: Pop art self-portraits.

5th grade assignment: CityScapes.


One thought on “supporting (the) art(s)

  1. Thanks Kiyah. These kids have more talent then they realize but unlike music and sports , the is no built in performance/viewing aspect to visual arts. The web is s great venue and we should take advantage of it.


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